Ancaster Central Children’s Clinic COVID-19 Updates

Precautions taken to prevent the spread of COVID 19 at our clinic:


1. We screen all patients telephonically for possible infectious symptoms or exposure prior to their arrival.

2. We have closed our waiting room, patients wait in their car till ready to be seen.

3. We practice rigorous hand hygiene including hand sanitizing by staff and patients upon entering the clinic.

4. Staff are in full PPE.

5. We sanitize all surfaces in between patients.

6. We aim to provide a mask to the patients. entering the clinic (depending on supplies)

***Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, to prevent the spread of the virus please  DO NOT visit the clinic if you have any of the following symptoms:  Fever,  new cough or difficulty breathing, muscle aches, fatigue, sore throat OR may have come in contact with someone with COVID-19 or someone who is sick with respiratory symptoms.  You must call Telehealth at 1 866 797 0000 or your local public health unit.  You may also visit and use the self-assessment tool to help determine if you need to seek further care. ****
The purpose of email is for scheduling appointments only. As policy we do not discuss personal health information. If tests have been done , we do not automatically call you for normal results. We do not discuss reports on email or phone. If you have concerns or questions please book and appointment to discuss results.
As a policy we do not call for normal results and call back to book follow ups for abnormal results only.
Please note that we require 72 HOUR CANCELLATION/REBOOKING NOTICE.



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Pediatrics & Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

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Dr. Rubeena Khan


At Rubeena Khan Pediatrics located in Ancaster our healthcare professionals provide pediatric care. Your child’s health is important and our goal is keeping your child healthy.

Please email or call us prior to arrival.

Pediatric Care

At Ancaster Children's Clinic

T: (289)-808-2230 F: (289)-919-2511 Alternate: (905)-304-8881

Services are available for urgent care

Top of the line pediatric care facility!

SHORT WAIT TIMES! (you are welcome call clinic prior to arrival)

9:30 to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday please call clinic prior to arrival.

Pediatric Care from newborns to teenagers (0 months to 18 years)

We offer advise on travel vaccinations contact a few months prior to international travel.

World Class Service Provided By Us!

Services We Offer

Hamilton Pediatrician At Ancaster Central Clinic

Pediatric Care from newborns to teenagers (0 months to 18 years)

Developmental Evaluation

The first step of the toddler

Is Beyond Beautiful

Children are mirror images of you who see magic in everyday things because they look for it!  How you speak to children becomes their inner voice…


Immunization Schedule

Ontario’s public health vaccination schedule.

Travel vaccine consultation and vaccination provided.



Balanced Diet Chart for Children

Please download the Canadian National Food Guide.

Please Visit the Sick Kids Website.

Canadian National Food Guide

Immunization/ Vaccines - Ontario Publicly Funded Immunization


Breast milk is the best sustenance you can offer your new child. The Canadian Pediatric Society suggests selective breastfeeding for the initial a half year of life. At around a half year, your infant will be prepared for different sustenance’s, however you can keep breastfeeding as long as it is agreeable for you and your child, even well into the little child years.

Breast milk:

  • Is normally and remarkably delivered—by each mother for her very own infant. So your infant is more averse to be presented to outside allergenic material.
  • Contains antibodies and other insusceptible elements that help forestall ailment.
  • Has the perfect sum and nature of supplements to meet your child’s first nourishment needs.
  • Is simple on your infant’s stomach related framework, so there is less shot of stoppage or the runs.

Introducing Solids:

When would i be able to acquaint solids with my child?

You can present solids at around a half year. Strong nourishments give your child additional vitality, iron and different supplements required for sound development. Your child is prepared to begin solids when she:

  • Has great head control
  • Can sit up and lean forward
  • Can get nourishment and attempt to place it in her mouth
  • Can dismiss her head to tell you she is full

What surfaces would it be advisable for me to begin with?

  • Begin your infant with an assortment of surfaces, for example, pureed, pounded, finely hacked and knotty nourishment’s. You can likewise give your infant delicate finger nourishment’s beginning at a half year to enable her to figure out how to bolster herself.

What strong sustenance’s would it be advisable for me to begin with?

Begin with iron-rich sustenance’s like:

  • Delicate cooked pureed, pounded or finely cleaved meat, chicken or pork
  • Pounded or finely cleaved low sodium canned salmon with bones crushed or evacuated
  • Well-cooked pounded eggs, tofu, lentils or beans
  • Iron-braced newborn child grains blended with breast milk or baby equation
We specialize in Pediatric Care

Our experts will take care of your child...

PLEASE BOOK in advance for:

• Developmental assessment

• ADHD assessment and treatment

• Adolescent and teenager clinic

• Depression / anxiety

• Eating disorders

Contact Us

    Please review and complete attached referral sheet and fax. You may attach any additional clinical note, blood work or imaging.

    Please review and complete attached referral sheet and fax. You may attach any additional clinical note, blood work or imaging.

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